To drop in some terms: Smart factories, Internet of things (IoT), Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI). They all come down to automation, data generation, and data exchange, bringing a number of advanced technologies to form a greater physical-to-digital-to-physical connection.

You may be overwhelmed with buzzwords promoting the use of Industry 4.0, but basically, it is about the application of novel technologies that matured to a stage where the processing industry benefits from them. Sounds familiar? It is something that our industry has always done.

What can industry 4.0 do for you? Two things: improve productivity and reduce risk.

How can ChemXpro help you to implement these technologies?


It starts with an assessment of your current processes and an analysis of how novel technologies could help you to achieve your goals. We start with the “why,” and from there, we assess how technologies specifically benefit your organization. Most importantly, we can assess if the investment is worth the return.

Establish connections and
enable technologies to fit for you

It usually becomes clear that connecting people, processes, assets, and products creates a valuable platform for business improvement. This means that your organization is to build diverse capabilities in data infrastructure, integration, validation, and analytics. We can help you to partner with technology vendors, analytics providers, and universities as we speak their language, and we speak yours.

Promote safety & efficiency

The adoption of digitalization and the use of (big) data means that your business is moving from a relatively low automation operator centric environment to a more digital and autonomous (remote) environment. We can make skillful use of automation and data analysis to become more efficient. Taking recent developments such as the Corona crisis, we see that this development accelerates the desire to automate and analyze to become more flexible or agile in this fast-changing world. This will pose some new challenges in terms of safety and being able to understand almost real-time where your risks are and how to manage it effectively. A challenge that we like to work on with you and your team.

Connecting the dots

Not only can we provide a thorough analysis of many I4.0 technologies and assist in the implementation of them. We also have the capabilities to make our findings understandable for your organization, allowing you to make grounded and fact-based decisions.

The result?

1. Access to real-time data.

By setting up smart data systems, we create a real-time data platform allowing you to monitor operations and possible disruptions to keep production running at optimal levels.

2. Maximize production efficiency.

By making smart use of data analytics, we are able to identify production losses that were previously invisible.

3. Reduced downtime.

Smart use of data can give insight into the actual performance of your equipment making maintenance predictive rather than reactive.

4. Safer operations.

Our smart data analytics make the invisible visible and tell you better where your risks are and how to manage them effectively.