Greetings! We are ChemXpro!

We are a full-service team of skilled engineers, qualified support staff (and big fans of the ARRRA cluster, good Coffee, Drinks and Bites on Friday, Fancy Separators, and Happy Life but not necessarily in that order)
We are breaking free from the engineering firm stereotype. That’s right. We do things that others only dream of!



We are at your disposal, providing engineering and technology services and support. We work in the chemicals, food and, life sciences industries making them more efficient, more sustainable and, safe(r).

Proper Engineering #SFTC

Is exactly what you get! We say what we do, and we do what we say. No more, no less.In anything we do, we Solve For The Customer #SFTC

We deliver

What is asked for, together with you and fully aligned. On-demand, high quality, on time and within budget. No more and no less.

Why us...

We start by creating understanding, asking smart questions bringing solutions to the table, not leaving you with more questions. It is from understanding that we develop solutions that work and we implement them on site, on time and within budget.


  • Loathe on rework
  • Adore a ‘first time right’ approach
  • work collaboratively with you
  • Set the correct scope before we engage in your project.
  • Keep our project structure lean and mean,
  • Work free from superficial layers keeping overhead to a bare minimum.

So you:

  • Are in control
  • Don’t pay for what you do not need.
  • Have your projects delivered on time and within budget


To work collaboratively with you on site making use of our engineering expertise in combination with practical plant experience. We work using a cell inspired structure consisting of professionals that manage themselves and coach others rather than being managed.

Many installations we love are end of life, and we collaborate in a transition from a linear to a circular economy. We embrace the use of technologies such as big data to create a more digital and autonomous environment to make skillful use of automation and data analysis to become more efficient. We love challenges in terms of safety and can develop understanding, almost in real-time, about your risks and how to manage them effectively.

We want you to look back at moments that were though but we promise that you were so happy to have worked with us!


We love to meet!

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